I had a comment about asking what I thought about hearing voices. Hearing voices is a real thing. Personally I don’t think it is a “evil” thing. I am a Christian myself. I don’t think that people who have mental illness would not have that mental illness if they were good enough Christians. It is not about how good a Christian you are.

Hearing voices is the same way. I have read many things about voices. I know that bipolars can hear voices. I am bipolar. I have heard voices myself. They are scary things to hear. I heard voices for years, without quite knowing what it was. Then one day, the voices multiplied. And grew quite violent. I told my doctor what happened. I was given some medication.

The voices stopped.

Since then, I haven’t had any problems with voices. It has been great. I have tried to go down on my anti-psychotics for a long time, and I couldn’t, until recently. So far, so good.

I do not understand the medical reasoning behind a person hearing voices. All I know is that they are real.

Some hear voices just like in their head. Some hear voices like coming from the TV talking to them personally. Or different objects talking to them. A good book about this is Ken Steele’s book “The Day the Voices Stopped”. I talked about this not long ago.

If you are hearing voices, talk to a Dr soon. There are medications that can help to stop those voices. The medications today don’t have the terrible side effects that medications used to have. Things are much better.

Believe me, life is much better without the voices going off in your head all the time. There is nothing wrong with you. It is the chemistry in your brain. You have a brain disorder. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It is just as if you had some other medical disorder like diabetes or some cancer, and needed medication. At least, most brain disorders like this are not terminal. Unless the voices are telling you to kill yourself. Some do that.

Please get help. There are many people out there with the same symptoms that can share their story with you. You are not alone.

I am glad you said something here. I hoped I helped. Please come back.