Breaking out of the mold

I was talking to someone the other day. She has the chance to improve her situation in life, but she doesn’t want to. She wants to stay where she is. She has been in the system all her life. She knows no other way. Her mind can conceive of no other way. She is stuck.

This is the same way when it comes to recovery from mental illness. There are people who will jeopardize themselves when they come close to recovering enough to work or to break free from the system. They know of no other way of life.

There is a better way of life. You don’t have to stay stuck in the system forever. Admittedly, it is not easy to get out of the system. The way the system is set up, it is an all or nothing sort of thing.

The main thing in winning is in the space between your ears. Your attitude. Taking an “I can do it” attitude can make all the difference. Just take things one day at a time. When you have a set back, that’s ok. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get busy again. It is worth it.

The world is a great place to live in. Recovery is a great place. When you are having a hard day, look to others. Who can you help? Get out of your head and think of someone else.

It was a shame to see this person shackled by the system. Don’t let this happen to you. You can improve yourself. One day at a time, little by little, you can get better. There are resources available to help you. Resources such as counseling, a Pastor, books, the internet, and classes. There are literally hundreds of self-improvement sites online. Surf to your hearts content.

Don’t let the system win. Recovery is possible. One day at a time.