Love Bug Organics

This email has been a long time coming. I was patient and tried to give the benefit of the doubt, but this business owner did not even attempt to make things right.

I warned her that something needed to be done or I will take steps to make sure her fraudulent actions went public.

Business Name:
Love Bug Organics

Rochelle Brooks

The fraudulent activity:
She assigns tracking numbers to products but never delivers the products.

She offers a huge discount the first week of the month for ‘pre-orders.’ She does not fill these orders until the end of the month. No telling how many people made such orders, paid for them, and never received them, but they forgot about them so never followed through.

Well, I did not forget.

I contacted the Post Office to confirm it was fraud to assign tracking numbers to packages and not deliver them.

I filed a report with the Postal Service. I also filed a report, at their suggestion, to the Better Business Bureau. (BBB). To my surprise, she has several reports of the same fraudulent activity. Assigning tracking numbers to the order and never delivering. She has an F grade for her business.

I had no need for her products since I can make my own. I was only trying to help her because of her struggles as a single mom, etc.

Well, if a single mom wants to run a business successfully, then she needs to deliver the promised product.

If you were also scammed, please report to the Postal Service and the BBB.

All she had to do was to return my money. I sent her email after email. She only responded to the first two emails.

Again, I spent months trying to resolve this amicably. I am sorry for all those people I shared her business with. I hope they were not scammed too.

I’m all for trying to help the small business owner. I promote their business as much as possible, but you better not be a dishonest business owner who scams people, because I will call you out about it.

Please share so others can avoid being scammed.