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Kindling Dreams Academy

We offer a whole-child, Bible-based curriculum, using nature as the foundation. Our goal is to equip the child to handle life here on earth, while preparing for life in heaven. As we approach the closing events of earth’s history, we realize that our children need to know what they believe and why; how to stand firm against social pressures using a ‘thus says the Lord,’ and how to keep the body/mind fit and healthy in a world filled with disease and chaos. We also encourage the child to be God’s love in action, as they allow Him to work His transforming power in their lives.

We know that children will be used in mighty ways in these last days. We want to help equip that Army for God, to be ever ready, in season, out of season, standing with the whole armor of God.


This quote brought to mind the ideal behind the curriculum being developed. It’s why we are working so hard to include an introduction to many skills that the majority of adults do not even have knowledge of.

“Privation may be the lot of every soul who now believes and obeys the truth. Christ has told us that we will have reproach. If persecution for the truth’s sake is to come, it is important that every line of work become familiar to us, that we and our families may not suffer through lack of knowledge. We can and should have tact and knowledge in trades, in building, in planting, and in sowing. A knowledge of how to cultivate the land will make rough places much smoother. This knowledge will be counted a great blessing, even by our enemies.” 19MR 26.2


Basic academics (3Rs, history, science)

Emergency preparedness

Wilderness survival (living off the land)

Preparation for the no buy/no sell

3John 2 (health)

Practical Armor wearing (practical Christianity)

[Due to popular request, as able, I will be recording classes for those who wish only to purchase individual classes rather than the whole program. I’m also creating a combo class of World History, World Literature, and the Bible in World History. This will be for high school students. It will be very intensive with lots of reading. Think of it specifically for those on the G/T scale.]

[I also offer other classes for children outside of the ‘school’ type. You can see those here.]


Classes (conducted in English) are currently virtually. Some of our affiliate teachers may operate their own local face-to-face ‘pod.’  Even though it is ideal to attend class physically/live, we know that is not possible for all who wish to partake in our classes. Therefore, we are making classes available at the convenience of the student/parent. **For children with hearing loss, sign language assistance may be available. TESOL classes also available.

Depending upon the option the parent chooses, we do expect work to be turned in by a certain time each week. We expect responses to classroom questions to be done in a timely manner. If an assignment is not completed to a certain level of mastery, then further personal instruction will be given by a staff member and the assignment will be expected to be redone.

For some aspects of our educational program, we will use videos to teach, but then once a quarter, in each region, we hope to provide a face-to-face meeting for a few days to review and cement in skills. These will be led by a hand-picked individual. **For international meetings, the meetings may have to be led by a live training session. Details will have to be determined later.

These regional meetings will allow students in their pods to meet and develop more social interaction skills.



We strive to make our services as affordable as possible. We offer three options.

Basic: Just the curriculum, no further assistance. The parent will be the main decision maker. Lesson plans will be uploaded by six week session.

Gold: Curriculum with lesson plans and videos. Parent still holds major control, but teacher will offer limited guidance. Certain major assignments will be teacher graded, while parent will grade daily work. We plan to have in each region a local representative which would help the parents with assessment and other needs that may come up. This representative would be under the guidance of the school director. Lesson plans will be uploaded by six week session. Videos will be uploaded every two weeks.

Platinum: Student has access to all general educational resources. Teacher will be the main guide. Teacher will be grading all assignments. Includes limited professional support for families who have children with challenges. Videos and lesson plans will be uploaded every two weeks.

Diamond: *Includes tuition costs, plus additional monthly fee for full service access. Includes access to all youth student materials for up to four students in one immediate family. Includes access to all adult classes. Includes ongoing professional assistance as needed. Include extra services child may need regarding learning challenges, etc. Videos and lesson plans will be uploaded every two weeks.  (Student curriculum, adult classes, coaching/consulting services, youth classes/services)

Auxiliary: Due to popular request, we have decided to make our auxiliary classes available on their own. These are the special classes such as emergency prep, Bible,  and Practical Christianity. AY honors will be included when applicable for these topics. Lesson plans will be uploaded by six week segments. Videos will be uploaded every two weeks.

Due to the deep discount on tuition, the lesson plans will be accessible along with the videos. There will be no teacher involvement for grading, etc. If the parent wishes more teacher involvement, then they need to register for a different level.

Registration fee: $150 – includes basic educational assessment.

Tuition:  (New tuition rates will be coming for pre-recorded classes.)

Basic: 1 time fee: $200

Gold: $ 300/month *@$18.75/day (4 days/week)

Platinum: $450/month *@28/day (4 days/week)

Diamond: $1000/month *@62.50/day (4 days/week)

Auxiliary: $75/month

Quarterly meetups: TBD

Family discounts for multiple students. Discounts for tuition paid in full for the year. *Diamond level will provide for up to four students in one immediate family.

***Please contact Maryruth if there is a deep desire for this program, but the finances are tight. Although this is our ‘job,’ it is a ministry also.

****There will be fund-raising activities to help the school be self-supporting, lowering the financial cost to individual families. There will also be sponsorship availability. Please keep an eye out on the website for this information.


For face-to-face classes, the students will be expected to pay an additional month of tuition (with registration) to help cover supply costs.

For online students, the parents will receive a supply list each quarter for upcoming needs. It will be essential for the parent to have access to a printer. Some students may be given a file folder game to work on skills. The parent will need to be able to print, laminate such folder.

Class Divisions:

Level 1: K-2

Level 2: 3-5

Level 3: 6-8

Level 4: 9-12

Level Star: For students who need individual educational assistance/special tutoring.

Some students may be placed in a level due to educational ability/challenges. They may also be assigned to Level Star for curriculum modification needs.

Each level will be divided into an educational ‘pod.’ This pod will remain basically the same throughout the child’s educational experience at Kindling Dreams International Educational Center. There will be a ‘train of pods’ per region for the purpose of skill building practice. Pod number will be capped at 12 students per pod.

If a child needs advanced placement, they will be placed in an appropriate pod according to educational level. The Star level pods will also be grouped in a general ability level as much as possible. We realize that some students may need assistance in all areas, whereas others need assistance in only specific areas.


Class schedule:

Live/online classes will follow a four-day lesson schedule, allowing families to have a catch-up day. (Or use as Sabbath Preparation day.) We will have a 6 week on/2 weeks off timetable, with some flexibility near the end-of-year holidays. This lessens burn out and gives students a more ‘year-round’ educational program. There will be a longer summer break (six weeks) so that staff can refresh and take professional development training.

Parents do have some flexibility but must remember if you wish your students to participate on the gold, platinum, or diamond levels, there will be required assignment deadlines.

Parent involvement:

We expect parents to be involved in their child’s education. For face-to-face classes, there will be a biweekly notebook that will be sent home so the parent can look at their child’s work. Regular communication will be expected between parent and teacher.

Since we are educating on a whole-child viewpoint, we will be educating the parent regarding food and behavior and how to address any possible challenges the child may have.

Schedule *Example of face-to-face class schedule.

8-8:30 Opening Exercises
8:30-9:15 Bible
9:30-11:00 Block 1: Emer Prep/No buy/No sell
11:30-12 3 John 2/Math
12:00-1:30 Block 2: History/Science
1:30-2:30 Practical Armor Wearing
2:30-3 Closing exercises:Independent Projects



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