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Kindling Dreams Educational Center

KD-Info-sheetOffering classical Bible-based, personalized education, using nature as the foundation, helping to prepare your child for these last days.

Maryruth has over 20 years experience with homeschooling. She has taught children and adults with all learning styles and abilities. She believes a label is only a tool to help become the person God created you to be.

Maryruth teaches from a ‘whole-person’ perspective, utilizing whatever it takes to get the needed information across.

Maryruth describes her job ‘to educate, challenge, and encourage’ children (and adults) to become the best they can be wherever they are coming from.


Maryruth does not follow the ‘germ theory’ of health. Instead, she teaches others how to improve the terrain to be able to handle onslaughts from the bacteria we encounter hourly.

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