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Kindling Dreams Academy Extended Services

Youth Services

**F2F – Face to Face

Online – Available online through Zoom.

****Online pre-recorded classes will be available in near future.

Life Skills 101- (17-18 yr olds) (F2F, online, group/individual)

This is a program for high school juniors or seniors to learn the needed skills to be a success on their own. Course offerings include: budgeting, healthy eating/menu planning, job interview skills, resume writing, communication skills, job assessment, life’s bumps (coping skills), and more.

Journaling 101 (13-18 yr olds) (F2F, online, group)

This is a weekend or 6 week course offering instruction on how to utilize journaling for life enrichment. (Spiritual or secular versions available.)

Building Healthy Relationships (F2F, online, group)

Learning components of healthy relationships. This class includes information on what to watch for in a potential abuser, as well as what to do if caught in an abusive relationship.

Individual/Group coaching sessions (F2F)

Group sessions will cover topics of interest to the age group.

Coaching for Kids (F2F, individual)

Sessions developed to help child with needed coping skills. Lifestyle assessments of family can also be conducted to determine if there are any dietary issues causing problems. Even though these are specifically for the child, the family will be expected to be involved and make needed home changes for overall success.