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Brain Health Training


Food & Behavior




Who will benefit:

⦁    Parents with special needs children

⦁    Parents with children in juvenile justice system

⦁    Adults with mental health issues

⦁    Professionals working with clients with mental health issues

⦁    Anyone who wants to improve brain health

Topics covered:

⦁    What foods promote brain health

⦁    What lifestyle changes can be done to help depression

⦁    What are some dietary changes to help change child behavior

⦁    What to do now to start these lifestyle changes

Maryruth is not a medical doctor and this presentation is not given as medical advice. This presentation is only for educational purposes.


Maryruth Dilling, a Natural Health Professional, has an MS in Mental Health Counseling with Play Therapy Certification. Having studied natural remedies for over 35 years, Maryruth has a passion to educate, challenge, and encourage people to make lifestyle changes to improve their mental and physical wellness.


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