Adult Services


Improving Job Marketability

This is a program for adults to improve communication skills (writing/speaking), resume, organizing, goal setting, time management, and more.

Improving Parent and Child Relationships

This program combines a number of methods to help parent and child grow closer in a healthy relationship. Maryruth has worked with a number of parents to help them help their child overcome challenges. Also available are courses such as Love & Logic and Grace-based Parenting. Filial Therapy classes are also available. This teaches parents to be the change agent for the child, while helping to improve relationship.

Communication Skills 101

This workshop covers basics in communication such as I-statements, active listening, and reflective listening. It involves hands-on exercises to help the participant learn the needed skills. [Can be geared toward parents with practice in communicating with children.]

Succeeding Intentionally Program

This program offers: Communication Skills, Leadership Styles, Journaling: Write your way to success, and Goal Setting.

Journaling for Inner Peace Retreat

This is a weekend or 6 week course offering instruction on how to utilize journaling for life enrichment. (Spiritual or secular versions available.) Will work with churches for special rates.

Rebuilding the Temple from the Inside Out

Our food choices today, along with society’s norms of high stress and sedentary lifestyles, are creating a population of people with chronic health issues. Despite modern medicine, we are sicker today than ever before. This is a 10 weeks online health class that teaches the basic Laws of Health and includes group health coaching. (Individual coaching available at different rates.)

Educational Consulting for Parents-for special needs children

I help parents brainstorm solutions and find ways to help their child become the best they can. For problem behaviors, I usually begin with a nutritional foundation and go from there.

Thriving through the Golden Years

            This program offers a variety of topics to improve the quality of lives for our elderly population. Topics include: healthy eating for chronic health issues, improving communication, self-care for caregivers, etc.

Escaping the Spectrum

          Lifestyle changes to help lessen/reverse signs of autism.

Breaking Free of the Cancer Lifestyle

Very similar to the 10 Week ‘Rebuilding the Temple‘ class but additional information on natural cancer cures and a natural cancer protocol is included. Weekly coaching sessions also offered for those who need it.

DNA of Relationships

            Spiritual-based class to learn how we were created for relationships and how to develop healthy relationships with people in your life. Topics include assessing values, setting boundaries, becoming aware of potential relationship abuse.

Identity: Who We are in Christ

            12 week course exploring who we are in Christ and as individuals. Based on the book by Kriss Mitchell ‘Identity.’


Includes 5 hours [divided 50 min/hr] of one-on-one in a half-day coaching segment on program of your choice.



  • Food & Behavior
  • Steps to Health
  • Hoarding
  • Raising Godly Kids in an Ungodly World
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Effective Communication with children with challenges



  • Are We Peculiar Enough?
  • Following God’s Calling
  • Real Deal vs the Android
  • Living Proverbs 31 in the 21st Century
  • Discounts offered
  • Payment arrangements are available.
  • No one will be turned away due to finances.
  • Classes can be taken individually rather than as part of a complete program.