Another Year Ahead

We have arrived at the closing of another year.

As you reflect on the past year, I hope you will forgive yourself where you have failed. I hope you will forgive others who have failed you or hurt you. Most people try their best, but I do recognize that some do intentionally hurt others, but the majority do not. If you are surrounded by those who choose to hurt those around them intentionally, then I suggest you find others to surround yourself with. Even with family, we have the right to decide how much we hang around them.

Above all, I pray that the coming year is a year filled with improved health, spiritual growth, and happiness for each and every one of you. I pray that you will allow God to transform you into the person He designed you to be; and that you will use the talents God gave you, not only for personal fulfillment but to bless others.

I do believe that this year will be life-altering. The Christian Nationalist group has some plans (Project 2025) that will bring about Sunday worship observance. For what they have in mind, things have to become horribly bad so that the majority will be more than happy to allow them to change our constitution, etc.

Not being an alarmist, but from a prophetic standpoint, this has to come together. This has to happen. The population reduction plans will happen.

We do our best to prepare physically but realize that it is only the grace of God that will see us through. Just like Noah and the ark, it is only God’s hand that kept that boat together. Noah prepared everything to the best of his ability and then trusted God to see them through.

This is what we must do.

I pray that each will read their Bible as never before, allowing it to interpret itself. As God shows you new insight, that you will seek His strength to walk in obedience to His truths. Please toss out those traditions you may follow and use ‘solo scriptura’ for your beliefs alone. Following the traditions of men will not lead to heaven.

Something to think about.