Lifestyle Treatments for Depression pt 2

Here are more suggestions for lifestyle changes that will help with depression. As before, this is not to take the place of the advice of a Dr. Lifestyle changes work together with a doctor’s care and a counselor towards the goal of recovery.

Having daily spiritual exercise is very important. An inner religious experience has been found to be effective in recovery from depression, according to several studies. Going through the forms of religion does not appear to help in depression. It is only the true studying that helps. One practice of reading a corresponding chapter of Proverbs a day has helped people with depression. Like chapter 1 for the first of the month; chapter 15 for the 15th of the month.

Regular physical exercise: Evidence shows that regular workouts help soothe deep sadness as effectively as antidepressant medications. To accomplish this goal, one needs regular rhythmic motion of large muscle groups. At least 30 min. 3 x week (30 min.6 x week is better). Aerobic exercise increases serotonin levels in the brain. It also prevents and treats depression.

Deep breathing exercising: Exercising requires an abundant supply of oxygen. When you exercise, you need to breathe deeply. As adults we are in the habit of only shallow breathing. Our breath only fills our lungs. We don’t breathe with our diaphragm. To practice deep breathing, lie down and breathe slowly in to the count of 6, hold 6, and breathe out to the count of 8. Do this for the count of 10-15 times several times a day. Your body will thank you. As you practice deep breathing, you can breathe deeper, hold it a couple of seconds longer, and breathe out longer. Rember to breathe so your stomach is coming up with the air. For optimum health, do deep breathing for up to one hour a day.

Classical Music Therapy: Music therapy is not a new practice. King Saul used it in Bible times when he was depressed. Not all kinds of music is beneficial. Music psychotherapy is where patients are encouraged to associate mental images with the music. It has been shown to improve mood even after only 6 weeks. Traditional classical music is the only style of music that has been demonstrated to improve mental health both subjectively and objectively to date. It is advised to listen to classical music 30 min a day for optimal beneifts. Mozart tends to have the best results on brain waves. Even 1 hr a week can be beneficial. This writer listens to classical music whenever I am in the car. I have my favorite composers by now. It has helped me a lot.

There you have some alternative lifestyle ways to treat depression: bright light therapy, avoid negative thinking, regular restful sleep, daily spiritual exercises, regular physical exercises, deep breathing, and classical musical therapy. As I said, lifestyle changes work hand in hand with the Dr and counselor care. I have used the lifestyle changes in my life. It has made a big difference in my life.