The Wreckages of the past

This past spring break we drove to TX from Northern ID to see my mother. She is in bad health. I went to say my goodbyes to her. She has dementia.

It was really heartbreaking seeing her in that state of mind. She has no peace of mind. She is filled with regret over the past. I kept trying to get through to her that all had been forgiven and everything is ok. She had asked Christ for forgiveness, but she hadn’t forgiven herself. So therefore, there was no peace of mind.

After we left, I was talking to my boyfriend about the situation. I am so glad for the 12 Step Program I am in. In it, I have dealt with the wreckage of my past. I have made amends.

I know that as long as I continue to work my program, I will not get to the point in my old age where I will be filled with regrets. I take care of things as they happen. It is the best way to live, I promise you.

We talked of the choice that, knowing what we know now, would we go back and change anything. I wouldn’t. Because it would change where I am now.

I have a wonderful life where I am at right now. I am happy in my life. I would do nothing to chance losing that. God has blessed me immensely in my recovery the past few years.

Do you have regrets clouding your mind? Don’t let time pass before taking care of them now. Do you have amends you need to make? Go to your Higher Power right now and ask what you need to do in order to deal with them in the best way.

Don’t wait until you are in your elder years filled with regrets and mental anguish. It is a terrible way to be. You will want peace in your senior years. You want your last days on earth to be peaceful.

 Do the work now to ensure that they will be.

Don’t put it off. Do it now.