Setting Goals

I spoke last weekend at the District Toastmasters Conference in Idaho. I was an educational presenter. I spoke about setting goals in life.

The presentation went real well. The comments were positive. The one thing that most didn’t like was that it was too short. I had too much information to cram into 45 minutes.

It felt good being up there giving the presentation. It was hard to believe that I was presenting at a Toastmaster’s Conference after being in Toastmasters only a year. Several wanted me back next year. I am working on something for next time.

This is what recovery can give you. Doing things like giving speeches on goal setting. Being involved in Toastmasters. I knew I wanted to speak professionally. But I had a lot of fear. I joined Toastmasters to get rid of that fear.

Now I speak in front of people of different crowds without even thinking of it. I don’t have the fear any longer. I even get paid occasionally to speak. That is a nice thing about it.

We all need to set goals in life. Without goals, we just drift through the days. When we reach our golden years, what will we look back on? Days of nothing? Or days of accomplishment? You decide.

Set a goal of recovery for yourself. Then start with other goals as you slowly get better. You will be amazed at the amount of happiness and purpose you find in your days.

God wants us to be good stewards of our time. We will be held accountable one day on what we did. Let’s fill our days with purpose today. One day at a time.

Try it.