An ending and a beginning

I finished my second semester of psychology classes this week. I was so glad. Taking 17 hours was a heavy load. I will not do that again. Today I filled out the application for Capella University where I will finish my Master’s degree online.

I am so excited. To finally be working on my dream of earning my Master’s degree. I have worked hard the last two semesters to get to this point.

Life is good. I have been thinking of how far I have come over the past four years. It has been a long road. Some parts of it have been very rough, but it has been well well worth the traveling of it.

Are you on a rough patch of road right now? Keep going on. It will get better if you don’t give up. Get some help somewhere. No one can fight mental illness on their own. That leads to death many times. Find some help to lead the way to recovery.

Life can be good again. And it is worth the effort it takes to recover. One day at a time.

Try it.