Confronting the Past

I read an email from this list I am on this week about a lady who wanted to confront her abuser. She had been told to keep quiet from her mother. No one wanted the dirty laundry aired. The lady wanted to move on in her recovery.

I told her she needed to say something so she could put the past to rest and stop being the victim. She could take her power back from her abuser. I had confronted my abuser and he denied what he had done was wrong. I found out family members knew and did nothing. That caused a lot of feelings in me that took a while to deal with.

Thanks to God and a great counselor I have moved past that. I have put my abuse in the past. I am no longer a victim.

I did contront my abuser. I told him it was wrong what he had done.

If you have an abuser in your life, if you are ready to move on to healing, you too can confront them.  Be sure you are in a safe place. Be sure there is no chance of violence. Do no accuse. Just say something like…” I remember you doing this ______. I felt ________. I am working on my recovery to get past the pain of what was done to me. I am no longer your victim.”

At all times, you need to make sure you are safe from further harm. Make sure you are not going to hurt yourself either by bringing up past memories. Be sure to talk to a counselor, pastor, or a close friend afterwards. Journaling will also help.

If you have been abused by someone, you can move past the pain that has given you. I know the devistation that leaves in your life. I lived it for many years. It almost destroyed me.

You can overcome it too, one day at a time through recovery. Life can be good again. I am living proof of it.

Try it.