God’s Perfect Timing

I have to share with you what happened this past Thursday. I made a terrible grade on my math test, the worse I had ever made. I was very upset. After talking to the teacher about it, I found out my mistake.

After leaving, I almost didn’t go to my sign lesson with this Deaf Pastor, but decided to go anyways since my sessions with him were ending soon. I wanted to take advantage of every lesson I could.

He arrived at his home just as I got at the door. This was God’s perfect timing. For the lesson this day, he had me sign to him this devotion which he chose. It was on giving thanks in all things. I couldn’t believe what he had chosen.

Then he goes on to talk to me that there are no accidents in God’s world. That all things work to the good of those who love the Lord. He said several other things. I was floored.

I only stayed for 15 min before I had to head back for my next class. I got in the car and said “Ok God, I get the message. Thank You.”

What really amazed me was that God had this message of encouragement already prepared for me ahead of time, even before I needed it. It reminded me of my favorite Bible verse, Isa 65:24 “Before they call, I will answer, yet while they speak, I will hear.”

God has the answer on the way even before we ask. We still need to do the asking for our own faith building. God is personal enough to care about bad math scores in your life. He is there.

Then today he sends someone else to tell me someone else I needed to hear about providing for my needs. I just need to turn it over to Him and leave it alone. He will provide in His timing. It was a lesson in faith.

Things have been very stressful lately with my mother dying and school pressures. I have been working very hard on my recovery. I couldn’t do the things I do without God in my life on a very personal, daily way. I know He is the way to recovery and new life in whatever road you walk.