Road Trip Reminder

Just a reminder that I’m heading out on a road trip. If your church or organization is interested in one of the below trainings, contact me in regards to scheduling ASAP.

1) Food & Behavior – About things that affect brain health and what we can do about it.

2.) Steps to Health – Short summary (about 45 minutes) of my 10 week course ‘Rebuilding the Temple.’

3) Reboot Weekend -Combo of two of my Signature Programs condensed to one weekend with included detox protocol.

[Includes ‘Rebuilding the Temple’ and ‘Journaling for Inner Peace’]

Time required: Thurs 1 pm to Sun 9 pm.

***This is a very intensive weekend. It is not for those with serious health conditions as the detoxing rate could be overwhelming. This is a weekend where all electronics are turned off. It will be a time to focus on rebooting your health from a whole-body perspective.

***If interested in scheduling this combo program, please contact asap as it requires a great deal of preparation.

I do have other short programs that are available upon request. These are my most popular.