Rabbit Trail: Sanctuary Reverence

Something to think about. This is something I know I personally need to work on. It came to mind this week during the lesson study.

Lev 19:30 speaks of keeping the Sabbath and showing reverence in the sanctuary.

What is reverence? According to the older Webster’s dictionary, it is showing profound (humble, intellectually deep) respect and esteem, mingled with fear (holy awe) and affection.

Now, my thought to ponder.

How are you in the sanctuary before and after the service? Do you chit chat among the members about the week? Talk about common things of life? How about discussing how work is going? Or that irritating situation that keeps bothering you?

Is that showing reverence in the sanctuary? Is this keeping the Sabbath?

I understand these are people we may not see any other time. We want to ask about how things are going? How is their family? How about the prayer requests?

What would it take to remove yourself to the hall or another room and respond to the inquiries on the prayer requests? Other topics? They can wait until another day.

What would it take to call the member DURING THE WEEK to see how things are going? How about heading to prayer meeting or Bible study a bit early or plan to stay a bit later to have those conversations?

I became very aware of this topic this week. It’s very hard to try to change too when others will talk of common topics in the sanctuary without thought.

It’s also harder when the sanctuary is not set apart for only worship. I saw one church in the past who had one main room. It’s use was determined by how the seats were arranged. They even had basketball marks on the floor since it was used for games at another time.

I know church budgets are tight, but the sanctuary is to be treated differently and with great respect. Often, we make the sanctuary a common room for an activity (worship) that is never to be common.

I want to challenge each of you that when you are next in your sanctuary that you keep topics of conversation related to what is appropriate for the Sabbath.

What would you consider an appropriate topic for the sanctuary?