Rabbit Trail: Stewardship


Steward- what is it? It is a person employed to manage another’s property. God is the owner of everything. We are chosen to be stewards of whatever resources, talents, time, and relationships He blesses us with. This includes health.

How are we managing God’s resources that He has blessed us with? I’m not just talking of money, even though that is where most go to. How about knowledge? Talent? Ability? Health? Relationships?

Are we being good stewards of these resources?

God recently brought me to awareness that I was not being a good steward of the resource of knowledge that He has blessed me with. Instead of being of service, I was actually being a disservice by having people thinking lightly of the knowledge I sometimes too freely share.

This was a very humbling experience for me. Here I thought I was being of service by freely sharing my knowledge without thought of payment.

People do not value free. When knowledge is given away for free, it is not regarded as important. If it’s not important, then it doesn’t matter whether I implement the knowledge into my life.

This has caused me to consider the resources God has blessed me with. How am I managing them? Am I using them in a way they will be multiplied and increased? The information on health I share, is it going to good? or am I casting my pearls before swine?

Something to think about? Are you being a good steward of what God has given you?

Remember the parable of the talents. Those who were not good stewards that which they had was removed and given to the one who had been a good steward. It’s a serious offense to waste the resources God gives us. We do not gather more resources until we show Him we can manage the ones He has already given us.