Passing of time

I am going to take a little step out of the topic of recovery today. I am going to talk about the passing of time. It seems that as you get older, it passes quicker. It seems like it was just yesterday that it was turning 2008, and now it is almost 2009.

Since I have started school, I must confess that I haven’t been faithful in blogging. I must apologize for that. I spend hours daily studying and trying to keep my head about water.

I am doing well overall. I am still homeschooling my son. I am still volunteering in several organizations, although I have cut out a couple of them. I am still going to my meetings. I am still sponsoring people. I am still involved at church. I am still writing newsletters every month.

It seems like we just passed the mid-point of the semester and it is now time to register for the next semester. I registered the day before yesterday. I am taking three classes with a lab. Everything will be on two days instead of every day like it has been this semester. A little easier I hope.

I was thinking of getting a position in the mental health field, but have decided to wait until I get further along in school. I will work on teaching my Journaling for Peace classes and giving my Retreats. That will keep me plenty busy in addition to my regular writing.

My significant other and I are celebrating our fourth holiday season together this year. It is hard to imagine it has been that long. At times it seems we have been together forever. Other times, it seems only a short time.

What is time, after all? It is measured only by the passing of the sun and the stars. It is very important in many ways, not so important in other ways.

We need to have a day of rest. We were created to have one. Our body and minds need one. Even nature takes one.

Soon we will be in the season of winter where I live. The snow will fly. The New Year will start. New goals will be made. That is a great topic to discuss at another time.

I guess the point of today is…don’t waste your day. Make the passing of time account for something. Do something for your recovery today. Don’t let today pass by without an attempt made at improvement. Even a little bit adds up to something better.

Efforts accumulate together to bring about change. Little by little improvement can be made. Through the passing of time, you can see a better life if you start today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. It never gets here. Do something today. Start now.

Do it.