Happy Thanksgiving

I wish to wish each of you a day filled with recovery and happy thoughts. I wish great food and good blessings for each of you. May this day be filled with happy times with family and friends. May each of you find just what you need this day. Remember to thank your Higher Power today for all your blessings, for without which you would have nothing.

I am spending today with friends. I talked with my children already. They are having a good day.

I did spend some time with a psychology book, taking time to catch up since we have three days off this week. The semester is almost over. I will have a month off. That is something to be thankful for.

I still need to work on my writing schedule. I have many subjects to write about, just finding the time to write is the problem.

Remember your gratitude lists – repeat them out loud each morning and evening. It will change your lives. Try it.