Weekend of service

I have mentioned that I am a recovering alcoholic. I am in a 12 Step Recovery Program. This weekend I spent in service in an Area Assembly Meeting in Washington. Long meetings and voting on motions insued. It was great. I was able to show two of my friends how the program worked behind the scenes. We all grew through the weekend.

Service to others is very important. Whatever service you can do, do it. Whether it is calling to check to see how they are doing, shoveling snow, raking leaves, carrying a package for an older person, babysitting for a single parent, or even listening to someone spill their hurt feelings.

Being of service will make the negative feelings you yourself have inside go away. It gets you out of your own head.

In studies, they have found with kids, that kids who have done service work, there are less drop outs, less drug and alcohol abuse, less teen pregnancies, and better grades.

Jesus set an example of service with His life. That is what He did all His life – service to other people- day after day.

Let’s take a leaf from His book and be of service to someone else today. As the Boy Scout’s say “Do a good deed daily”

Try it.