Improvements Around the Globe

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine, Angie D, and I met online with a family in India whose child has challenges. They were seeking help. For the first week, we focused on ways to improve communication with the child. We also had mom begin a food journal to help in our ‘detective’ work.

We met again this past weekend, discussing dietary changes to help improve behaviors.

We just received report that the young child (hooked on biscuits) had not had any for three days. Improvements are slow, but they are coming.

Sometimes, when there is a child with challenges, the parents can feel overwhelmed and not even know the first thing to do to try to help him/her. Most times I will suggest beginning with diet. In this case, however, due to the lack of ability to communicate, we started there.

It’s always a blessing to know that God will bless our efforts as we try to put into practice natural health practices to help our families.

If we can be of assistance to your family, be sure to contact me for an appointment.