True Worth Book Review

I’m sharing my book review for an upcoming book by Michael Lewis. I definitely recommend it for anyone who has ever wondered who they were; had trouble reconciling various parts of themselves; or just struggled living according to being a child of God.
Book Title: True Worth
Author: Michael Lewis
Stars *****
I rarely give a book 5 stars, no matter how good it is. To me, that is only for those being close to perfect. I have to say, for a young man I knew as a kid, I never thought this book would come close to earning five stars from me.
I love the book. It’s real. It’s gritty. It’s authentic. Michael is honest about his past struggles living as a man of God. For each point, he gives real examples, so the reader has no problem applying the information to their own life.
There are so many take-aways from this book. I have highlighted large sections of each chapter so I can find these wonderful nuggets of gold faster in the future.
Again, because I knew him as a young child, it was a bit strange to be reading such wisdom. Despite his youth, I could tell that he had learned some heavy lessons under God’s guidance. I even felt some, ‘Hey, you need to listen to this’ from God as I was reading.
There are few authors that I can completely say that their book is for anyone, but this is one book I would recommend for anyone. There’s no one who has not struggled with identity issues. There’s not a single Christian who has not battled some habitual sin.
If you are searching for something to fill up that God-hole and failing over and over again, Michael has some great step by step suggestions on how to go about resolving that emptiness we all feel at one time or another.
To pre-order Michael’s book, go here.