Emergency Preparedness (Possible Trucker Strike)

There has been rumblings of a possible truck strike to ‘force a vote recounted.’ Votes are already being recounted. However, the truckers have been planning a strike for some time. They are only using the voter fraud as a trigger.

I have the upmost respect for truckers. Two very important people in my life were truck drivers. I know they get a raw deal frequently. I agree that they need to be heard, as does everyone. However, they knew before they became truckers what things were like. It’s the same for teachers and those in the social service field. It’s about counting the cost, as Jesus said.

I do not believe people are aware that a truckers strike at this time would totally destroy this nation. CV19 and the unnecessary lockdown hurt us bad enough. IF this happens, it will totally wipe us out, while potentially killing thousands. I’m sharing additional information on the effect of a trucker shutdown.

Right now, I want to warn everyone. The tentative date set is Nov 19th, right before Thanksgiving. Please prepare. Here is the link to my video on Emergency Preparedness. The video is unedited because I wanted to get the information out asap. Please do not think this cannot happen. It can. It’s not IF, but WHEN an emergency occurs.

A wide spread trucker strike could mean the death of thousands of people. If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to be one of those numbers. Please, for the sake of your family, start today to prepare.