Finding balance…

As I was wondering what to write about today, I was thinking about yesterday. I got a lot done yesterday in some areas. I wrote a lot. I got some housework done. But I didn’t get some other things done that I needed to get done.

So what did I do when I went to bed? I thought on those things that I didn’t get done. I didn’t give myself credit for the things I did get done. I got a lot of writing done yesterday. I got a lot of work done that I had been putting off for a long time. I did good.

Did I give myself credit for that? No.

I am not superwoman. I can’t do everything. I am still working on finding a balance in my life between work and school. Between doing my writing and my own schooling and my son’s schooling. Then there is also the housework to be done. There is always housework. It never goes alway.

In my dreams I will become such a success that I can hire someone to come in and do the housework for me. Then I can just take care of my son and do my writing.

I wanted to share something I found out about through Stumble a few weeks ago. It is It is a great self improvement site. It is for ninety days. You check in on a daily basis, read some things, receive a check list, and follow the program.

I have learned some things. It is helping me a lot. I thought I would pass it along to you. As I work on my recovery, I like to read about self improvement things online. I use Stumble quite often to find sites like that.

Once I learn how to fix this blog to have a blog roll, I will have sites I recommend. I am such a newbie when it comes to things like that.

How do you find balance in your life? I have a schedule that would work like a charm IF I followed it. My problem is following it. Life happens. It gets shoved to the side at the slightest happening.

I am working on setting my priorities. As I learn to balance my life, I will pass along what I learn.

That’s it for today.