Three Steps to Better Self-Esteem

You can change your self esteem. Why would you want to? There are consequences to low self-esteem. They are:

anxiety, stress, loneliness and increased likelihood of depression

problems with friendships and relationships

it can even impair job performance. If you think poorly of yourself, you will not do your best at work.

Poor self-esteem can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

Okay. So we can see the reasons why we don’t want poor self-esteem. How do we raise our self-esteem? Below are several steps you can take to help in raising self-esteem.

1. Talk back to the inner critic. When you hear that inner voice telling you that you are bad, or can’t do something, argue with it. Tell it you CAN do it. And you CAN.

   I have a quote on my desk. It says “I can do whatever I BELIEVE I can do”.

Your inner voice will tell you many untruths. Learn to recognize them. Then retell them as truths.

2. Practice self-nurturing

This means getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, practicing good hygiene, etc.  Then have “me” time. When you do something good, reward yourself for your accomplishments. Remind yourself of your strengths and achievements.

Even when you don’t feel like, do it. Treat yourself like you deserve to feel good. Soon you will come to believe it. You have heard of the saying “fake it to your make it.”

3. Get help from others

  This is often the hardest thing to do because we don’t feel we deserve it. This is hard for me still to do.

I have a friend who tells me what a wonderful person I am. That always makes me feel strange to hear that. She is always complimenting me. At first, I wanted to tell her I wasn’t like that. Now I just thank her.

So ask friends to tell you what they like about you.

Ask someone who cares to just listen while you vent. Ask for a hug. Ask someone who loves you to remind you that they do.

We all have our love language. It is important to be told/shown we are loved in that particular way. If you haven’t read “Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, I would read it. It is great. There are also books for teenagers and children. It can save a relationship.

You can also get help from professionals such as teachers and counselors. Take a class in something you are interested in. You will begin to feel better about yourself.

I have involved myself in several things lately. It has helped my self-esteem a lot. Of course, it has also made me a very busy person, but that is okay.

Do you have any suggestions in raising self-esteem. Share them with me.