Acceptance is the Key

Acceptance is the key to happiness. You have to accept life as it is. Things happen all the time. People do things to upset you. Instead of getting upset, let it go. Pray about it. Let go and let God.

I have been watching something happen for some time. It has been slowly upsetting me. I mentioned it to a friend of mine. She reminded me of acceptance. I have to accept other people’s choices in life, other people’s behaviors. I am only able to change myself. My friend told me to pray about it. I have been. It is not always easy accepting things that affect loved ones. But it is necessary.

Most of the time, we can only change a tiny bit of things around us. Worrying about things can only affect about 8% of things we worry about. So why worry? Accept things as they are. If you can do something, then do it and move on. If not, accept it. Most of the time, you can only change yourself. You can’t change anyone else.

Remember the Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the Serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
To change the things I can
And the wisdom
to know the difference.

Knowing that prayer and using it on a regular basis will save yourself a lot of wear and tear. I promise you. Recovery is one day at a time. Knowing what you can change and can’t change, will relieve a lot of stress on the mind. It will relieve a lot of mental stress.

If you don’t know this simple prayer, learn it and use it. It will help.

I promise.