Attitude is one of the first things we need to work on in recovery. Negative attitude is one of the leading causes of depression according to psychiatrists. Changing one’s attitude is not easy, but it is doable.

Start with an attitude of gratitude. Begin each day listing five things you are thankful for. Repeat that list out loud in the morning and evening before bed. Make sure you have a new list each day. You might start out for being thankful for food, clothing, shelter at first, but lead to other things as you go along.

The more you are thankful for, you more you will open yourself up to receive. I truly believe that. When we thank God for things, He is more likely to bless us more. It also makes us more aware of our many blessings. It improves our overall attitude. Makes us more positive in our outlook.

If you want to be a success, you have to have an attitude of success. You have to think that you can be a success. You have to think that you deserve to be a success. You have to want to be a success. Then take the action.

Use visualization each day and picture yourself as you want to be. See yourself in that job, or new house, or whatever it is you want. Write it down on paper and read it in the morning and evening until it is imbedded in your brain as fact.

Then your actions will begin to act as if you are already there. You will be accomplishing the goals you have set. You will become that success you want. Because of that attitude. That “can do” attitude.

I have been listening to motivational tapes in the car. They help a lot. Today I was listening to “Lead the Field” by Earl Nightingale. He talked about attitude. I have talked about “Tools to Life” at that offers a free 90 day program to help you learn to become successful in life. It is great. Attitude is one of the things you work on in the beginning. Check it out. It is free. It only takes 15 min a day to do for the most part. It is well worth it.

So work on your attitude today. If you want a great day, have a great attitude. Most people start out in neutral and go down from there. Start out in the positive. Don’t let things get you down. Be proactive, not reactive. Success will come.