Do you think? I mean really think about something. Or do you operate on automatic pilot?

Do you realize that most people go there whole lives without thinking? Our schools don’t teach thinking. They teach regurgitation of facts. You memorize facts long enough to take the test, then forget them. Some of the facts stick long enough to make it to long term memory. I know from experience from going through the school system myself as a top A student. I know how little actually stays with you. How little you actually use when you get out in life. And how little of the practical life skills you need that they teach you.

For one thing, they don’t teach you how to think.

Like I mentioned before, I have been listening to Earl Nightingale “Lead the Field” tapes. They are fantastic about developing success. The one I am listening to now is about thinking.

You put your goal on the top of a legal paper and write out ideas on how to reach that goal for one hour every day. Pretty soon, you will have some great ways to accomplish your goals.

Have a problem? Do the same thing. Put the problem at the top of the page, then brainstorm ideas on how to solve the problem. I have done that several times since listening to the tapes the first time. It works wonderfully.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you start thinking with the wonderful brain God gave you between your ears.

Don’t let each day just drift by. Take at least an hour a day and use it for thinking. Think about your goals. Brainstorm about a problem. Not worry about it, but think about a solution to it. Then act on it. You will accomplish much in life if you do that.

You will move into the top 5% of the population. Be proactive, not reactive. One day at a time. Remember, this is a great day.