Willing to Die, But are You Willing to Live?

I saw this powerful picture on my Facebook feed this morning by Evidence Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine.

The purpose of the post was to challenge parents to LIVE for their children, rather than choosing a lifestyle that leads to disease and early death.

I immediately thought of how I’m constantly trying to educate parents on how their lifestyle choices they make, day in and day out, are determining the majority of their child’s future?
I’m talking about those ‘generational diseases‘ which are not as much genetic as lifestyle habits. Food and chemical exposure determine which genes are turned off and on.
When we set the example of eating fake, food-like products in front of our children, we are teaching them a disease-ridden lifestyle. We are setting them up to live a life of a form of slow suicide, filled with pain, chronic health conditions, and countless brown pill bottles.
Yet, you can start NOW and make some changes. Show your child that you love them enough to tackle some serious issues and start ‘doing it right.’ God can and will help you make those changes, if you seek Him.
It’s very hard on your own to make permanent lifestyle changes. I would love to be blessed to walk alongside you, as you decide to set a better example for your children (Or grandchildren), for their future.
In fact, isn’t it time you decide YOU are worthy enough to start taking care of yourself?
Isn’t it time you become the best form of you that God created you to be?
If you are finally ready to do whatever it takes, join me in my upcoming ‘Rebuilding the Temple’ class starting in one week.
Details are at the link here.