The 6 Best Natural Pain Relievers

Pain is a fact of life. I used to live in constant 24/7 pain that was of the 9-10 level variety. Worse yet, I was allergic to OTC medications and even prescription medications.

I never knew that challenge would end up being a blessing. I started exploring natural remedies. This video came caught my attention. It’s a video by Dr Berg sharing some natural pain remedies. **Sharing does not imply endorsement.
There are other natural pain relievers that Dr Berg does not mention. Turmeric for one. It has been a life saver for myself. There are essential oil blends that work great for pain. There are also wild medicinal plants that are very effective pain relievers.

This will get you started, though, on relieving that pain without reaching for a prescription medication or OTC drug. Both of these choices further disrupt the gut biome and lead to more suffering in the long-term. Natural is best.