Beat Cancer God’s Way

Cancer is at an all time high. I can imagine with the current mask mandates, it will begin to escalate even more. When we impede oxygen intake, it puts our bodies into acidosis, which leads to cancer.

I’ve studied natural cancer treatments for over 15 years. There are many natural treatment options, but two stand out above all the rest. One is the Budwig Diet and the other is Gerson Therapy. Both of these take some money to implement on an ongoing basis.

There are other less expensive ways available.

This article I’m sharing is from Dr Eric Z. I love that he puts mental attitude as the most important fact in curing cancer. In my studies, I discovered that two people with the same cancer and same treatment can have different results, all because of the mental mindset. I have shared a great deal on the topic of mental mindset in regards to overall health numerous times in the past.

Dr Z also mentions the two methods above. He includes several nutrients that are important in combating cancer.

I have a class available that is all about escaping the cancer lifestyle. Contact me for more information if you are interested.