Our food supply contains little of the nutritional value that was in the food twenty years ago. To get the same nutrients that were in the food in the 50s, you have to eat about 10 times as much as then. We have overfarmed our land and loaded our food with chemicals.

So in order for your body to maintain health, you need to take supplements. Almost everyone says the same thing. The problem is that most supplements on the store shelves are man-made. We need plant based supplements so that our bodies can utilize them. Most of the supplements are man-made and will pass through your body without being used.

I want to tell you about a supplement that we take in our family. It is Mannatech. All plant based supplements. Guaranteed if you don’t see improvements in six months.

My son has high-functioning autism, ADD, and Sensory Integration Disorder, along with dyslexia and LD. He started taking the three basic supplements in January. Within two weeks, he mentioned that he doesn’t feel as hyper. He is able to concentrate better. He is feeling better.

I take some of the supplements myself. I have more energy. I am able to concentrate better myself. We rarely get any colds that pass around.

It is great. I strongly believe that nutrition is the answer to many of our body ills. I believe that God created us to be able to heal ourselves with the proper nutrition. If you feed your body the right things, then it can heal itself in many ways.

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