Stretching the Mind in Recovery

This is going to be a very stressful week. I have one week left to prepare for my GRE. GRE – Graduate Records Exam. I have to take this test to get into graduate school next fall. I am finishing up the classes this semester that I need, except for statistics to be ready to enter the Master’s Program for Psychology this coming fall.

I am so excited. A year ago, this was just a dream. Now I am on the verge of seeing it fulfilled. It has taken a lot of hours of studying. I have had to give up a lot of things, but it has been worth it.

Now, today I have studied math for about 7 hrs. That is a lot of studying on math. I used to be a whiz in the math department – 30 yrs ago. Now, I remember so little of it. I have that test next Monday. Today I took a practice test and scored very poorly. So this week I will be hitting the books every spare minute I can.

I am taking Finite Math in college right now. I had to sign up for a tutor last week. I am sure I will catch on after a few days. It will just take me a while. In the meantime, it means a lot of book time.

I am keeping my goal in mind during these tough days. My goal to help others on the road to recovery in mental health. As long as I keep that goal in mind, then the long days of studying will pass quickly. The price won’t be too high.

Can you think of something you have had to struggle with, but counted the cost well worth it?