Providing for Missions

Over the past year or so, I’ve gathered a relatively large following on Facebook of people from various countries. Many of these are individuals who give all they can to provide for the less fortunate, especially the orphans.

God gives special counsel in the Bible on how we, as His children, are to provide for the widows, the orphans, and the infirmed. (We are NOT to provide for those who are able-body and refuse to work.) The church and its members are to manage the funds to provide for those in the missionary field.

Unfortunately, many of God’s children do not even return tithes, much less give offerings to support those in need.

Because of the increase in the number of these special workers lacking funds, we, in America, often become the subject of great solicitation.

This has become a huge source of frustration with me. Just because a person is an American does not mean they have an oil field in their back yard or cattle on the hill. I receive many solicitations.

I know many who will automatically block those soliciting. I do this myself. I am very open in this also.

However, the past couple of days, I have stopped people from heading that direction. Instead, I offered ideas on how they can better provide for their mission. Since I wrote up a post on this on Facebook, I wanted to share it here, so it can be of benefit for others in the field. (If you receive solicitations also, please share this post so others can benefit.)

This post is written to help those who work in a mission field, maybe with an orphanage, etc.
First, when you ‘chit chat’ Americans with only the goal to hit them up for money, you will get yourself blocked very fast. AND add to the ‘bad’ attitude that people have for allowing any ‘friend’ requests who may be from outside the US.
So instead of doing this, here are my suggestions.
1. Start a free blog. You can begin here:
If you get it set up, send the link to me. I will share it on my pages and my website so you can reach more people.
**I will do this. If you set up the post and begin sharing, send me the link. I will put it here on a special page.
2. Once the blog is set up, share about your mission. Post pictures. Focus on the good work you are doing. What God is doing.
3. THEN, share your needs. (Not in a hit over the head way, but gently.).
4. Then you can say something like, ‘If there is anyone who feels led by God to give, we would greatly appreciate it.’
5. Then let God work.
I’ve worked at mission places where they did this. It works. I’ve read/heard many stories of missionaries who never solicited, but they never lacked either. God ALWAYS provided what was needed in just the right time.
I understand that there is great need. There’s great need here in the USA too, especially due to CV. Those who are working as missionaries are to allow God to provide. Making the need known is good.
Just do it in such a way that you do not alienate those who may have the funds to give, but do not like being hit up for money. ALSO, it makes people feel as if there is no value in getting to know them unless they have their pocketbooks out. No one likes to feel that way.
It’s not money for me, but knowledge. So I know how these people feel. Like you have no use for them but for what you can get out of them. That’s not a good way to go.
I hope this can prove a blessing for all those who have chosen to work as a missionary. God can and will bless. We need only to work in approved methods.