Nutrition may be the guide

Doctors these days don’t know a lot about nutrition. (Not meaning any disrespect.) In the past, most of the knowledge was about herbs and nutritional remedies. Now, it is pharmaceutical knowledge.

The trend is turning I think. I hope. There is a growing number of “alternative” remedies around. It is considered “alternative” if you consider nutrition as part of the remedy.

I read a great article last night in the magazine “Life Extension”. The Dec 2007 issue has an article about nutritional support for autism which is why I am commenting on it. This blog is about recovery from mental illness.

Autism is listed in the DSM IV book, as is ADD/ADHD. Nutritional guidelines help both of these disorders big time.

This article is worth purchasing the magazine for alone. It also has some other good items in it. In fact, we are going to get a subscription to it. I love reading about “alternative” medicine and such topics. It has the latest findings in science. It is not just the latest herbal junk so to speak. It is the real deal. In the front it has the medical advisory board for the magazine. It is very scientific, yet written for the lay person to understand. I had no problem reading it. Neither did my boyfriend, and his educational level isn’t that high.

Check it out. I know I am.