New World Order???? Will it Happen?

Everywhere one turns today there is the phrase, ‘New World Order.’ A one world government where you own nothing…and are happy about it.

Will this actually occur? Will the NWO be established?

What does the Bible say?

Any time we come across man’s plans, we need to check in with God’s word, THE TRUTH, first.

If you study Daniel’s vision in chapter 2 regarding the statue with the head of gold, you will learn that the feet/toes are made from iron and clay. They will not ‘cleave together.’

Each section of the statue represents a kingdom or government. We learn in Daniel 2:43 that ‘they shall not cleave one to another.’

We do know from Daniel 11 that the current ‘King of the South’ goes against the ‘King of the North.’

The southern kingdoms represent powers who are atheistic in nature. The northern kingdoms represent those who combine a religious/political viewpoint. *I am conducting a study on the book of Daniel. The videos will be on my Rumble account. (Countrywriter7)

When the current administration got into office, I could not understand how this could happen. Then I started studying deeper into Daniel 11. Then I understood the why.

Bible prophecy is more accurate than tomorrow’s newspapers.

The past two years have been a great reveal. The Bible also addresses this. In Matt 10, Jesus addresses the topic that those who walk in obedience to His truth will be ridiculed and persecuted. They will be hated for His name sake.

Then He says not to worry. That everything hidden will be revealed.

There is a reason for this.

No one will be able to say, ‘But I didn’t know.’

If you do not know, it is not because the information, the truth, is not available. Many people ‘love not the truth.’ 2 Thess 2 warns against those who love not the truth, that God will send strong delusions.

If we choose not to seek truth in God’s word for ourselves, we will be deceived. It’s not that the truth isn’t available. Many will choose to cling to error rather than change to walk according to God’s truth. This is a sad state.

So will the NWO be established? Not according to God’s word.

Do we need to worry about what is happening in the  meantime? No, God tells us not to worry. Ps 91 is a wonderful chapter for reassurance and peace. Yet the promises of protection come with a condition.

Worry and fear come from a lack of trust in God. This stems from a real relationship. We do not need to fear what man may do. What satan’s plans are to set up his kingdom here on earth using his minions. We need to focus on Christ, allowing Him to transform us back to His image.

Something to think about.