Mind of Christ Bible Study, Pt 3

  • 1 John 2:6 tells us that if we He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.
  • Let’s find out how Jesus’ childhood was so that we can see the foundation for His adulthood.
    • 85% of the child’s brain is developed by age 5.
    • 95% of their personality is set by age 5.
    • People CAN change, but it usually takes a major crisis to affect major change, outside of a spiritual conversion experience.

Christ’s childhood points:

  • Diligent study of the Bible
  • Diligent study of nature
  • Effort to understand (very perceptive/observant)
  • Quiet country home – learned to work with His hands
  • Communion with God in prayer. Luke 22:39
  • Constantly on guard
  • Self-denial/self-forgetfulness (others centered)
  • Sing praises to God
  • Big thinking (expected much/attempted much)
  • Temptation, trial, and adversity

Phil 4:4-9

Power of thought

Rom 5:1-5


It’s during a crisis that character is revealed.

We are told to walk as He walked. He is to be our pattern to develop the mind of Christ.

To defeat satan, Christ used, ‘Thus says the word…’


  • Study God’s word, study nature, God’s second book; be of service; communicate with God throughout the day; sing;
  • I’ve worked with women who had high trauma backgrounds. Even though some of them experienced things that would curl your hair, not one of their life experiences came close to what Jesus endured for US, His love for us.