Merry Christmas

As we celebrate this Christmas Day today with our loved ones, be sure to reach out to those who have no one. There are many who are mentally ill who are alone. They will sit secluded in their homes, depressed. Be sure to reach out to them. Give them a friend to talk to. Give them hope as we begin a new decade. Let them know there is recovery.

The holidays are a hard for many of those with mental illness. I can remember back in the days when I dreaded the holidays. I spent so many days depressed and alone, even when surrounded by others.

If you can reach out to those who are mentally ill, especially if you have an illness yourself, you can let them know they don’t have to be alone in a crowd, or by themselves. You can let them know that life is worth living. And it is.

God brought me over 2500 miles from my home town to help me come to life again. I have found much happiness in my new life. You do not have to move so far away to find happiness. Recovery is available wherever you are.

Life is so full of things to experience. It starts with today, this special day full of peace and love. Look for someone else who needs your help. And begin. Today.

Merry Christmas.

take care,