Death of loved one

My mother died this past Thursday night. She had been sick for a long time. She died while sleeping.

When a loved one dies, it affects those close to the family and friends. My sisters and daughter are having problems with depression since the death. My youngest son has been unable to concentrate or accomplish anything since her death.

For someone who is mentally ill, losing a loved one can cause them to spiral into their illness. They may not be able to accomplish their normal activities for some time. If you have a loved one who dies and there are mental illness issues, please get some help. Talk to a counselor or Pastor or at least a close friend. Do not try to bury your sadness inside. Death is all part of life, but it tears some people up when it happens.

Give yourself time to recover before starting any new responsibilities. Take things easy for a while. If possible, join a grief support group for a while until you are able to deal with things.

I am not able to go to my mother’s memorial service because of health issues. A friend suggested I write a letter to be read by my sister. This I did today. It helped me to think back through the years and see the gifts my mother had passed on to me. Anyone can do this even if they are able to go to the funeral service or not. Just writing down some of the happy memories of the loved one can be healing.

Remember that healing takes time. Be careful in not making any major decisions during this time. Do things that will help you feel good such as soaking in a tub or going for a walk in nature, or even buying a big bar of chocolate if needed. Do something to treat yourself during this time of sorrow.

Above all, remember that God is there to send His spirit to comfort you. If you have online friends, share the news. I found great comfort from my friends online. I had many emails offering “cyber” hugs and prayers for myself. It was a blessing to know people out there had been where I am now. They are sending prayers and thoughts of comfort to me. The internet can be such a blessing sometimes in this way.

Remember this sadness and depression is just a stage. If you have a set back in your illness, remember you can climb up again. It is all one day at a time.

take care,