Me and mine

My internet was down on Friday so I didn’t get to post. It is amazing how much the computer occupies one’s life. I felt weird without my internet.

Today I thought I would tell you a little about myself.  I am in recovery from a mental illness and alcoholism.  I have bipolar, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorder, PTSD, and have had problems with an eating disorder in the past. Sometimes I still battle that.  I have times when I don’t want to eat. Most of the time I do fine now.

I have made great recovery in the past three years. I owe that to God, my wonderful counselor, and myself.  I have worked hard on my own issues.  I have read and studied for over 1000 hrs in the topic of mental illness and recovery.

My son has some mental challenges of his own.  He has high-functioning autism (or aspergers as some call it), dyslexia, ADD, and Sensory-integration disorder.  I have studied and worked with him and his challenges for over 500 hrs.

As I have mentioned earlier, I homeschool my son.  It is quite a challenge at times. He has made a lot of progress in the past year.  I am very proud of him.

I also have three older children who are all on their own.  Two of them are married now. No little ones yet. They are working on school and careers. My two older sons are in the Army. One now reserves, one active.  They have both been in Iraq.

My oldest is my daughter.  She is going to school and work. Very intelligent. 4.0 average in college. She plans to operate her own fashion design business when she is done. She does webpages and photography.

My oldest son is in tech school for auto technology.  He has also kept a 90 or higher grade point. He loves guns and trucks.

My second son is still active. He is a combat medic in the Army. He is married (on New Year’s Eve).

I have a stepson who is also in the military for about 10 yrs – Navy. That keeps him very busy. We haven’t seen each other in 10 yrs, but we still keep in touch.

Then there is my significant other. He  is a bit older than I am. We have been together for 2 1/2 yrs. He has taught me a lot about life. I have taught him a lot too. We are much better people together than we were apart.

Those are the people most involved in my life. My older children are scattered across the country right now with school and the military. TX is their base though.

I left TX behind over 5 yrs ago.  I have made a new home for myself in the Northwest Pacific region. I love it here: snow, cooler temps, and the beautiful mountains. I plan on staying here.

That’s it for today. Take care.