May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I have talked about the stigma of mental illness before. It is a shame that we can go to the Dr for having a common cold, but we can’t admit to having problems between the ears of our head. Yet statistics state that up to 50% of Americans will have mental illness in their lifetime. That is big time. That is 1 out of 2. That means either you or someone you know will have problems with mental illness.

It is time to stop not talking about it. The rate of suicide is at an all time high, especially among our young people. Go to to find out more information about mental health and preventing suicide. It is time to take a stand.

If you or a family member or friend has a mental illness, get in contact with the local chapter of NAMI. It will provide you will lots of information and support. They have chapters all across the United States.

The main thing-don’t be ashamed of having a mental illness. Recovery is possible. It takes medication, therapy, and hard work. But it is possible. I know. I have been there. Recovery is fantastic.

(I will be gone from May 12-19 for a writer’s conference. This too is part of my recovery. Without my recovery, I would never have thought, or been able to attend a writer’s conference like this. I will try to post once over the weekend before leaving.)