Living with life’s stresses

Things have been really stressful around here lately. We are preparing to move to another town about 35 miles away. My partner ended up in the ER where he coded. The next day he had two stents put in. He is doing better now. I have started another quarter of school this past week.

A few months ago, I had an EEG ran because the medical personnel did not know what was going on. My neurologist told me my brain was fatigued. She suspected it to be from my medications so she told me to get off of them.

This is a scary choice for someone with mental health issues. Recently, I have gone on a gluten-free diet for my fibromyalgia. It has helped a lot in some issues. I did not want to go off my meds for fear of what would happen to my mood.

I went off of two of them. No change in behavior over all. For a few days I was weepy, but that smoothed out after a few days. Now I am down to weaning off my last medication. I have been doing all of this under the care of my doctor. We are both pleased with the results.

I am NOT writing that anyone should go off their meds. That is a choice between you and your doctor. In fact, I would suggest you don’t go off of them unless you are willing to work hard on your diet and take supplements. I am also keeping in touch with my former counselor. I have a large support group around me to make sure I do not unknowingly crash.

Life is very stressful at times. The medication has worked well for years to keep me on a even keel during crisis time. Now, I have to make sure I eat right, exercise, and get the needed sleep. I also continue to journal daily. This is one habit that is essential for my peace of mind.

Have any of you gone off your meds with a doctor’s consent? What were your results? How did you make sure you did not crash after going off of them? Share with us.