Life on Life’s Terms

Sometimes life comes up and bites you on the butt. Last week was very stressful for me, but I got through it. I used my tools that I had learned in recovery to take care of myself.

I had one day that was very difficult. I have been rediagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. I received the first dx in college. I have put up with the symptoms through the years as they came off and on.

Now, my hearing is getting worse. I went to the Dr again. I received the same diagnoses. I was not a happy camper. I got very frustrated and angry. The prognoses is not that great.

I am starting a speaking career, along with my writing career. That is a little difficult to do when you can’t hear. So I got frustrated and angry. For a while, I was even thinking “Why me?”

Then I got to thinking of the many blessings I have. And I have many. I already know sign language. I am already involved with the Deaf community to a small extent where I live. Then I started counting other things…

I have a good brain. I am going back to school to get my Master’s Degree in Psychology. I am making an impact for the mental health field where I live. I have four great children who love me. I have a wonderful man who loves me. I have a great church family. I have some great friends. I have a wonderful support group around me.

I have much to be thankful for. So I may lose my hearing. There are thousands that have never heard anything in their lives. It will make speaking a bit more challenging, but I can still do it. I can still talk. Helen Keller went around speaking and she was blind and deaf almost from birth.

I have to stay in the here-and-now. I have to count my blessings. I have to work on my continual recovery every day. I have to remember that God doesn’t ever give more than we can bear. I believe that with all my heart.

When life throws us lemons, we have to make lemonade. That is an old cliche, but it still rings true.

A big part of recovery – mentally or from addiction – is dealing with life on life’s terms. Whatever it deals us. When it throws us something big and we feel like we are going to sink, that is the time to go to our support group – our mental health group, our 12 Step Group, our church, our family, or a best friend.

There are crisis lines available just about anywhere you can call when you are feeling at the edge. Please reach out for help. Don’t do it alone. God didn’t put us here to be alone. We are to be here for one another. No man is an island.

Remember, recovery is one day at a time. And…you can do it. We all can.