Letting it go

I have a friend that lost her phone. Someone found it and wouldn’t give it back. It was a prepaid. She started making calls on it to use up the time. I told her to let it go. It was only a small $35 phone. It wasn’t enough to develop a resentment over.

She tried to let it go, but couldn’t. She finally filed charges. Then this morning she woke up to find her phone on her door step. And the other person whom she had been calling still had the same phone.

The phone company had given the same number to two people. Yes, someone had stolen her phone. Not the person she had thought it was, or that she was pressing charges against, but someone else.

God had brought the phone back to her despite her actions. The other people had had their phone for several years. It was the phone company’s fault for giving the wrong number.

Now, my friend is having to undo a lot of actions on her end. She is having to apologize to a lot of people. If she had let things go, things would have worked out fine in the end without all the accusations. No resentments would have been made. Stress would have been avoided.

It wasn’t the phone, per se, she said. She just didn’t want the other person to have it. She didn’t care if they threw it away. Not a healthy attitude.

So she is eating humble pie this morning. We are missing out on our morning walk because she is having to take care of business instead.

Sometimes things happen and we need to let them go. That is hard to do sometimes. Let go and let God handle things. It is amazing how well things will go in the meantime if we do that.

We have to let go of things that cause resentments. Resentments are killers. They eat at your inner most being, destroying you.

God will take care of the person that did whatever he did. “Vengence is mine, says the Lord”. It is not our job to seek revenge. We need to let God handle things. It is only for our peace of mind.

So, for today, try to let it go. After all, it is only one day at a time.