Going back to school

I spent some time today at the local college. I had already registered for some classes, but I was changing my degree status from non-degree to degree seeking. I am going back to school.

After being sent from office to office, I finally finished for the day. I was leaving with my friend. I told her I couldn’t believe I was actually going back to school. I am still working on paying for it. But I have that worked out.

It has been 18 yrs since I have been a college student, now I am returning. I couldn’t do that without my recovery. All things are possible in recovery. I am going back for my Psychology degree. I eventually want my Masters in Psychology. It will take me a few years I know. But that is okay.

I want to help those in mental illness find the road to recovery. I want to take a very active part in that walk.

Something else that has been going on for me, I am starting a newsletter for the Inland Northwest for Mental Health. It will encompass eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. I am working on the particulars right now. It will come out quarterly and be available by subscription. I will sell by bulk to Mental Health Centers around the area for their clients.

I have already talked to some people about the paper. They will be working with me on it. I am excited about it.

As you can see, I am going to be very busy starting this fall. That is good. Life is good. Life in recovery is great. One day at a time.