Latter Rain Bible Study Notes

I love the study the Bible. As I study, I develop study guides to share with others. The notes below are one such guide. They include the notes I use as I present the study. As my audience of interested followers grow, it is harder to make sure I get my notes to all of them. So I’ve decided to post them on my blog in a special category. I hope they prove a blessing to those interested. The Bible study itself will be uploaded to my YouTube channel as soon as I’m able to do so.

Joel 2:23 (the promise)

Joel 2:12-13, 16 (the condition) *For every one of God’s promises, there is a condition.

Joel 2: 28-30 (the signs)

Acts 2:17-18

Kaw rah – rend – to cut away sin

Joel 2:16 – sanctify – to make holy (sinless)


Hosea 6:1-3, 6

To know

Zech 10:1 – condition – to ask

Acts 2:1 (condition), 17-18 (Promise)

One accord – agreement, harmony of minds, consent or concurrence of opinions/wills  (consistency)

James 5:7 – patience (condition)

Jer 3:3 – false mind set

No latter rain

Jer 5:23-25 rebellious heart/sin; vs 28 – don’t care for the poor


EGW: Conditions:

Feel the need : AA 50

ChS 50

Experience the early rain (truly converted)

To be willing to be used/guided by the Holy Spirit

To eliminate dissensions & misunderstandings

To surrender self