Healthiest Years Yet Summit

I’ve always looked for extra support in my health as I age and enter different seasons of my life but it seemed like I could never find the right kind. This is why this year I’m super excited to be taking part in Brianna Wilkerson’s (@madewell345) “Your Healthiest Years Yet Summit” focused on helping us, women, transform our health as we age, live in our 40+ years, and enter different seasons of life.
I know what it feels like…
When your healthy habits go out of the window because life happens and things keep popping up.
You’re overwhelmed with never-ending to-do lists, chores, and responsibilities that take priority over your health.
You are not as motivated to eat healthy in this season of life and having a hard time going back to what worked for you before.
You are struggling to commit to fitness and get in shape because of low motivation and lack of time.
Your sleep and stress management routines aren’t providing you the energy and inner calm to live happily.
You want to eat healthily without feeling deprived and overwhelmed with the amount of work it requires.
You want to nourish your body, support your hormones and healing, and create sustainable habits for life.
Your body is changing internally and externally, and you’re just not sure how to care for it the way it needs.
Your hormones are fluctuating and leaving you feeling tired, moody, fatigued, with brain fog, cravings, hot sweats, night chills, and feeling not like yourself.
You’re ready to finally ditch the diets, feel healthy and vibrant in your body again, find peace with food, your body, and yourself.
If any of those sound familiar, “Your Healthiest Years Yet Summit” hosted by my friend Brianna Wilkerson (@madewell345) is what you need. We’ll teach you what you need to stay healthy and live happily!

The goal of this summit is to provide you useful sound bites of information for supporting your physical and holistic as you approach your 40 and try to navigate taking care of your health and body in your 40’s and beyond.

Your habits, your movement, your toxic load, your sleep and stress, your mindset and your food, it will all combine so you will experience a major breakthrough on the way to YOUR optimal health, abundant energy, and radiant beauty. Let me tell you, the lineup of this summit and the gifts from speakers are so good – it is hard to contain my excitement!
Want to hear more about this summit? This is what you’re going to walk away:
How to eat nutritiously and plan meals mindfully for energy, mental health, metabolic health, and increased vitality as you get older.
How to eat well and invest in your health on a budget.
How to step into your most confident and healthiest self.
How to overcome unsupportive habits and behavioral patterns.
How to move and exercise through menopause and your mid-life years safely, effectively and enjoyably.
How to optimize your sleep, minimize stress and declutter your house and life to create more ease, peace and space in your mental and physical spaces.
How to use essential oils to balance your hormones and the side effects of perimenopause and menopause.
How to find your food freedom, stop overgiving and give yourself the grace to figure out what works for you and your version of health.
How to use intermittent fasting to boost your vitality, metabolism & prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
How to embrace body love and dress your body confidently at any size.
How to reduce your risk of breast cancer and increase your energy each day.
How to walk in your worth and stop looking to diets or the scale for your value.
How to transform your gut health and reverse toxic burden and use clean beauty and household products to support your health.
How to use create simple routines and habits that support your goals, your unique body, lifestyle, and help you have your healthiest years yet.
There will be prizes of all kinds, including a chance to win a free coaching session from me when you purchase the summit!
*Health strategy, clarity, and intensive coaching sessions
*Branding photoshoot styling
*Guidebooks and self-guided online courses and programs
*Fitness plans and classes
*Essential oils for your hormone and everyday health
*Declutter your mind and home environment resources
*Wellness workshops, tools and so much
If you are ready to:
Learn from 32 experts
Address 7 critical areas of health
Get FREE access to the most important tips around transforming your mind, body and health.
PLUS free resources and prizes
……..this is for you!
Want in? Cool! Just sign up BELOW!