GRE testing

I took my GRE test Monday. It was hard. It took three hours with only a ten minute break after the writing session. I had taken a practice test at home. I scored rather poorly on the math section. I hit the books after that. On the test, I raised my score from 260 to 580 on the math section. Not bad for three days studying.

I did better on the math than I did on the verbal, surprisingly. I had practiced with flashcards over and over with the suggested words. On the test there were words I had never heard of before. I did my best.

Now it is time to wait to see  if my scores are good enough to get into graduate school or if I will have to take the test again. I Hope not.

Yesterday I had a stressful day doubting the wisdom of going back to school. It didn’t last long. I know I can do this. It is just that there are many deadlines right now. Application deadlines. It all adds up.

I am taking a heavy load – 17 hrs. Plus I am hunting for a job. That is adding to everything else.

I need to work on my schedule so I can get more writing done. My writing has been suffering since I have entered school. That is not good.

Everything will work out though.

One day at a time.