God’s Property Mark


When we see a fence, what does it tell us? It tells us that the space inside belongs to a specific individual. A wall does the same thing.

A fence is a boundary. We can choose whom we can allow in and keep out.

We can make it easy to enter by leaving the gate open. Or we can put a lock on the gate with a security code and/or speaker for people to use to get access inside the gate.

What I’m wanting to focus on right now is that God has a fence also. Or a boundary mark. He has a sign that He uses to ‘mark’ or ‘seal’ His people. It’s proof that we belong to Him.

That sounds nice, doesn’t it? God has away to make sure He knows who His true followers are.


It reminds me of the blood on the lintel post during Passover. Those inside did not lose any of their firstborn to the plague. The ‘angel of death’ passed over the houses that were marked by blood.

There is another sign God has.

What is it?


Let’s turn to what the Bible says.


Ezekial 20:19-20 says, ‘I am the Lord your God; walk in my statutes, and keep my judgments, and do them; And hallow my Sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between Me and you, that you may know that I am the Lord your God.’


God says His seventh-day Sabbath is the sign that He is our Lord.


In 1 John 3, not only do we find out what sin is (transgressing of the law), but we find out that those who do not ‘walk in obedience’ are ‘of the devil.’ Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin. (Vs 9) Verse 22 gives us the guideline of receiving what we ask (keep His commandments).

In Revelation 14, we are told in verse 12 that the people who are able to avoid the upcoming plagues are those that walk in obedience to God’s law and have the faith of Jesus.

In Matt 7:21-23, Jesus warns that not all who call ‘Lord, Lord’ will be in heaven. Only those who ‘KNOW’ Him and do not ‘sin.’

What does it mean to ‘know’ God. The Bible tells us in 1 John (3-5) that to ‘know’ God is to love Him. If we love Him, then we will walk in obedience to His law. John 17 tells us that eternal life is knowledge of Christ. John 14-17 has a nice chunk of spiritual meat regarding walking in obedience is how we know God. It’s a relationship thing. It all returns back to love. Love is demonstrated through obedience.


Several places, but especially in John, we read of how love is the fulfillment of the law. God is love and if we love Him, (John 14:15), Jesus said we will keep His commandments.

Many look at the commandments as a way God demonstrates being a ‘kill-joy.’ However, James tells us that the law is a law of liberty. By walking in obedience to God’s law, we have a way to be free from the power of satan; from committing sin.


God tells us in Exodus 20 that BECAUSE He has led us out of bondage (bondage from sin), then we will have no other gods before Him. We will not worship anyone or anything above God. We will not use His name in vain (or claim to be a child of God and act like the world). Because we love Him as He first loved us, we want to spend time with Him on HIS holy day that was set aside at Creation. Because He is our God (His peculiar people), then we will be honor our parents, not steal, kill, lie, commit adultery, or be jealous of other’s possessions (a form of idol worship).


It is when we love that we show the world that we belong to God; that we have ‘been with Jesus.’ 1John tells us that if we ‘abide’ in Christ, then we are to walk as He walked.

The reason Jesus lived a sinless live was that He obeyed God’s law. It was not done away with, but it was fulfilled by His life. He gave us an example of how we are to allow God to provide the strength to obey His law by dying to self and living in Christ. His special sign for His children is His Sabbath, the heart of His commandments. Are you allowing God to put His sign on you?


I hope that people around you know that you belong to God by the fruit of His spirit demonstrated in Your life (another sign of His possession). The first fruit is love, which fulfills the law.

Something to think about.