Go and Sin No More

I loved this picture. It shows the mindset of the majority. Many are deceived by the ‘easy grace’ myth circulating in the church today.

‘As long as you believe, you can do whatever you want. God is love. He will not destroy those who believe.’

This is not biblical at all. There is nothing that supports the ‘only believe’ ‘easy grace’ lies abounding in the Christian community.
It reminds me of when in the early church they wanted to draw in the pagans. Instead of requiring the pagans to change to match God’s standards, they brought in pagan practices so they would feel more comfortable.

‘Come right in. Yes, as long as you believe, you can live your life in whatever manner you choose. You do not have to worry about anything. Just believe.’

My Bible tells me that the devils believe and tremble. They will not be in heaven.

Multiple times in the Bible, we are told to die to self (lusts of flesh), and live for Christ. We are told that we are to live according to God’s law, allowing God to place His law in our hearts and minds.

This is the new covenant – the placement of the law in our hearts and minds. It is not depending on self to do right, but giving ourselves to God so He can give us the strength to live right.

There are several parables showing the biblical principles that only believing is not enough. The strongest one is in Matt 7:21-23. 

‘Depart from me you doers of iniquity.’

That is pretty strong language. You cannot misunderstand. It is essential to allow God to give us the strength to overcome sin.

Jesus came to save us FROM sin, not IN sin.

Something to think about.